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Working with some of the best known names in both Convenience & hospitality retail you can be assured you are dealing with a flexible company capable not only of providing the best EPOS solutions for your industry, but also the wealth of knowledge required to ensure your business can thrive.

We provide New and Refurbished equipment to ensure that no matter what budget you are working with we can provide a solution that is tailored to all of your requirements both functionally and in price and performance. All of our EPOS hardware is provided with superior levels of technical support, all drivers can be found easily directly from our site or from your support staff.

We are well known not just for our research and development projects such as Text Overlay Boxes or Loss Prevention solutions, but also our unique ability to bespoke both ICR solutions for the hospitality sectors and our ability to tweak convenience retail solutions such as encomPOS to meet with virtually any expectations.


So many systems to chose from - How do I pick the right one ??

Whilst we stock one of the widest range of EPOS systems, and they all come with different size screens, some have customer displays, different colours and various add-ons together with a choice of software the crux of your decision has to be :-

What will look good - Screen Size / Space Available / Colour
Most Systems no matter how big or small the processor is or the memory will run your EPOS software. Does your business involve Drink spilleage (Need to ensure the screen is well sealed and drink resistant and that any buttons are liquid proof). Are you a bakery or similar environment where if the product solidifies it could damage the hardware (Look for fanless construction and Glass touchscreens). Are my customers likely to tamper with the connections / have access to the cables (Many systems offer rubust covers, Sealed connections/counter fastening).

Other considerations would be for example If running for a Bar/Club/Restaurant - hardly any processing power is required, just a good solid network. Is my network solid enough? (We sell a wide variety of Ethernet Hubs, Switches, Wifi connections and boosters). Perhaps you are a retail outlet (maybe you have 10's of thousand products), need for a Scanner, Receipt Printer, A4 Printer, Display Pole, Chip & Pin terminal etc) are there sufficient connections to power all the 'add on' parts.

System Backup - Can the system perform automated backups ? 99.9% of EPOS hardware and software has the ability to backup these days. If yours doesn't we have a range of automated USB backup solutions available. What if a system fails, do you have spares (or access to loan stock)? How to ensure minimal disruption to the business?

Software is actually more important !!! No matter how marvelous your choice of hardware, if the software isn't appropriate to your business you are no better off!! We sell ICR Touch for Hospitality and encomPOS for Convenience stores generally. Other retail aspects are catered for by combinations fundamentally of these 2 solutions.



Loads of people sell EPOS - Why should I use Everything EPOS ...

We have around 25 years of perfect installations behind us. We are also programmers which means if any aspect needs bespoking for your business, then we unlike the vast majority of our competitors have the required skill set to adjust the way the software works to match with your expectations.

Furthermore, we also have not just PC based Backoffice solutions, but also heavy investment in cloud based solutions such as to ensure you can update your system from any web enabled device. This includes getting all your figures from wherever you or your stocktaker may be. 

 We understand that you could just buy the cheapest hardware you can find on E-BAY, and lets face it many people do, but sooner or later you will need to get more out of your investment. Software is key, just as Cash is king ... If you are trying to get the most out of your business, your staff, your investment - You need to invest in the right software, the right programming and the right support. This is where we excel.

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