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Not all EPOS software is the same. Some solutions are great for Hospitality, others for Retail and the range of features varies massively between solutions. We will help you choose the best software for you and your staff.

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We not only provide the best software solutions bespoke for your business but we also help you grow with all the support needed to make your business thrive.

ICR Touch 

Software suited for any hospitality venue complete with programming and support from our experienced support team.


Hospitality and Retail solution all in one complete with range of Backoffice solutions, Online Ordering and all the bells and whistles.

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myEPOS Touch is the market leader for Hospitality with all the tools for efficient table ordering, handhelds for waiter staff, remote Backoffice, Kitchen Video/kitchen printing and over 100 reports designed around running a venue successfully.

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Covid-19 has seen a rise in the number of online ordering platforms, but where ours stands out is with ALL our Delivery, Collection and, Mobile Ordering all in a single solution at a fixed monthly cost with no hidden fees.


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For ALL New EPOS System Purchases, we will include 2 months of our Cloud Backoffice FREE until the end of March

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