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Conventional phones are being replaced with digital phones offering better clarity, and cheaper calls at lower costs. Our selection of VoIP equipment is easy to deploy and our SIP Service is usually lower by around 50%

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UK Landline/Mobile Call inclusive plans from £10 per Month

Everything EPOS VOIP Phones

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Everything EPOS VOIP Phones

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Everything EPOS VOIP Phones

The way in which we all communicate

The way in which we all communicate has changed drastically over the last few years and now with British Telecom looking to discontinue many of the ISDN phone systems and Analog lines in certain areas, you have the opportunity to turn to cloud calling.

Cloud calling or (VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the new way to make and receive calls and whilst sounding complicated there is a chance you may already be using it on your mobiles under ‘WiFi Calling’.

The concept is that instead of using a physical dedicated Cable (Phone Line into your building) that calls are electronically encoded and sent over the internet instead.

Take The fuss out of Finance

With VoIP, your line (or Lines) are your internet Connection so you are already paying for this somewhere and since calls can be routed over the internet directly the costs of the equipment to facilitate the call are substantially less.

VoIP systems also come with a host of standard features at no additional cost – Caller ID, the Ability to Call as your landline from a Mobile, Review details of calls made or received, and Voicemail options to name a few. 

No Contracts

Unlike most phone companies we are that confident you’ll like us we don’t tie you into a contract. All our services are month by month rolling contracts.

 Our most costly plan is only £15 per Month / Line to include VAT

 ALL Calls to UK Landline & Mobiles (Truly Unlimited)

 Complete Caller ID & Call Recording

 Call Redirection (Including Forward to Mobile’s etc)

 Auto Attendants (Press 1, Press 2, etc) & Call Queues

 App to make / Receive Calls on your Mobile

 Conference Tools (Including Video Conference Tools)

Be in Control

Even with our Single Phone Plans, you have a Control Panel / Backoffice where you can control what happens when people call. You can stop calls Out of Hours, Divert Calls to any other phone (including mobiles) on Demand.

 Call Parking 

 Music On Hold

 Call Transfer

 3 Way Calling / Conference Calls

 Add/Remove Extensions at any time

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The Yealink T42S Zoom Enabled VoIP Phone boasts up to 12 lines along with optional Expansion Bay. This is one of the most flexible VoIP phones on the market. Perfect for reception staff, easily see who is already on calls, manage conference calls and quickly transfer between extensions


The SNAP-Mobile is Included with all our calling plans. A compact mobile app for managing calls whilst you are out of the office. Make and receive calls as if you are in the office, replacing your mobile number with your landline number

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