Beauty & Fashion EPOS

Future-Proof your Beauty Brand with a Powerful EPOS Solution

Speedy Service

Optimised for quick transactions and fast operation

Easy-to-use Interface

Simple navigation and customisable menu structures

Powerful & Intuitive

Automation and real-time tracking on stock, staff and customers


Booking systems ideal for salon environments with easy customisation, split bookings, and integration


Manage multiple different promotions including timed discounts and loyalty schemes


Create your own website and integrate your online store with your till. Make sure all your orders come through instantly and in the right place

Maintain Shelf Presence & Avoid Excess Stock

Stock is a key part of any salon, spa or clinic. It can have a severe impact on your business if it’s not correctly managed. Handle it with care with our back-office management for smart stock control, automated prompting and waste tracking.

 With Ingredient level insights our solutions know how much hair dye you use on a full head vs highlights and can even automatically re-order low stock

 Easily locate products and review stock levels from anywhere

 Shelf-life dates can be applied to inventory to keep on top of sell-by dates

 Access reports, products sales, daily planners and customer insights using your back office portal at home or in the office

Boss your bookings

Picking the right booking software is crucial to success. But you know that. You’ve probably already researched salon booking software alternatives on various websites. The key is to get the best software for you, a scheduling solution you can rely on. Our solutions are ideal for salon environments with easy customisation, split bookings, and integration.

 Accept bookings to your beauty salon from multiple channels or directly from your till

 Commission and customer details updated automatically

 Create a custom layout and design for your booking screen

 Reprice appointments directly from your terminal

EPOS Accessories

A Customer Experience you can be proud of

Beauty retailers see customers through major milestones, graduations, engagements, birthdays and more. Keep your customers coming back and increase satisfaction with beauty software tools that make every transaction memorable.

 Track customer accounts and behaviour, apply notes and send booking reminders to clients

 Easily manage medical records and historical data for aesthetical clients

 Improve upon your customer retention with discounts, loyalty schemes, gift vouchers and credit facilities to encourage return visits

 Track customer spending and easily allocate payments, assign refunds, and even issue invoices directly from your till

Constructing your matrix

Seamlessly import stock in different sizes, shapes, and colours with our built-in fashion matrix. Easily keep track of different brands or shades directly from your EPOS terminal or back-office suite. With variations ready to go, customer service is a breeze with no need to check the stock room.

 Sell treatment plans with initial deposits and traceable staggered payments

 Customise pricing based on customer demographics and other promotional criteria

 Easily find products with variants such as colour, all neatly grouped for quick navigation

 Manage simple or complex treatment plans with commission payable to multiple staff

Open your beauty brand to the world

The fashion industry is global, so transform your store into a worldwide phenomenon. Integrate with leading e-commerce platforms to increase sales, while remaining in sync with how your customers want to shop.

 Synchronize your online shop with your till, keep your products and stock levels in line

 All orders are printed ready for delivery, with the sales automatically recorded from a website built to impress

 All online stock integrated with your stockroom levels and tight integration for back to back ordering direct from suppliers

  Marketing materials, remarketing and automated email responses included

 Track card payments directly from your EPOS so you always know what orders are cash vs card, and where the funds are