Restaurants EPOS

Serve With Style Using Technology You Can Rely On

Speedy Service

Optimised for quick transactions and fast operation

Simple navigation and customisable menu structures

Powerful & Intuitive

Automation and real-time tracking on stock, staff and customers

Online Ordering

Powerful delivery management, Click & Collect & Table Ordering provided by MyEPOS Order


Take orders tableside with the mobile waiter pad that puts staff firmly in control. Minimise errors between tables, optimise service and save time

Kitchen Video

A digital display system with interactive screens, making sure every check goes through on time, every time and in order

The Art of Effective Table Management

Restaurants EPOS Successful table management can improve the guest experience in two ways: it will get your guests seated quickly and will make sure that hosts aren’t double booking customers. Make sure your service hours are seamless from your booking system to your custom floor plan.

 With a glance at your tailored floor plan, you will be able to note how many are at the table, whether they have been checked and what course they’re on

 Our floor plan is split by seat, so you can apply orders per seatsplit the bill amongst as many seats as you want

 With a Caller ID unit installed you can Impress the regulars, you will always know their name, where they normally sit and what they like to drink

 Specify what items print on which printer, ensuring drinks go swiftly to the bar, food straight to the kitchen. Say goodbye to messy handwriting!

Eliminate waste with smart stock control

Restaurants EPOS Spend less time managing the numbers and more time managing your restaurant. It only takes a few minutes to get an overview of your stock room using our back-office suite. streamline operations across the entire customer journey and make sure you can always meet demands.

 Our system knows how many pints are in a barrel, how many shots in a cocktail, It will even reorder low stock automatically when it hits a certain level

 Track worst/best sellers, use-by dates and clumsy staff spillage all from the same easy to use platform with products easily searchable

 Keep all your sales and purchase information to hand with a multitude of reports including popular lines, full stock control, promotion results, table usage and staff hours

 Easily stock check specific lines on multiple sites by location with our easy-to-use handheld

Create an experience to remember

The Restaurants EPOS world is saturated and growing by the day, without personalised promotions and loyalty schemes its hard to stand out from the crowd. Its all about being personable, a tailored approach will always make your customers feel special.

  Manage multiple different promotions including 2 and 3-course discounts and loyalty schemes

 Want to offer 3 for £5 on Jager between 7 pm and 9 pm on Friday? no problem. Our solutions have timed promotions covered

 Create your own personalised promotions and, send SMS and emails directly from your till

 Offer quick and accurate service from start to finish with detailed accurate receipts and integrated payment terminals

Customer experience starts with staff

Staff must be able to gain information and an overview of service quickly and easily. Balancing bookings, noting customer requirements, and welcoming guests is part of the everyday. Our systems allow you to empower staff whilst giving management greater control.

 Say goodbye to guessing staff hours with a pad and paper, our clocking in and out system does it all for you

 Apply order prompts, automatic reminders, and timed promotions/set menus so staff can focus on creating a buzz

 Make use of our recipe functions to save time on drawn-out bar training and stock control

Management can report by shift, by the hour and by the clerk. Excite staff by comparing drink sales for a bit of healthy competition

 Cashing up is easy with integrated card machines confirming exactly how much cash you should have

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Synch your front and back of house with Kitchen Video

Keep the kitchen organised with orders in real-time, direct to your kitchen with a digital display system. Make sure every check goes through, on time, every time and in order.

 Never lose tickets, they won’t fall off the rails get handed around or misplaced

 Your tickets will always be legible with no missing options, everything is now readable traceable and in the right order

 Set up cook timers that will start once an order is placed to improve efficiency and speed

 Create a two-way communication where the till can flash when food is ready for front of house staff rather than a rusty old bell

The only way to do Table Ordering

Increase turnover and customer satisfaction by taking orders tableside with OrderPad. The mobile waiter pad that puts staff firmly in control. Minimise errors between tables, optimise service and save time.

 Take orders accurately straight from your device anywhere, inside, or out

 Order prompts make sure staff ask all the right questions in the right order

 Save time with a