Butchers & Bakeries EPOS

Plan Ahead with an EPOS Solution Built For the Future 

Speedy Service

Optimised for quick transactions and fast operation

Easy-to-use Interface

Simple navigation and customisable menu structures

Powerful & Intuitive

Automation and real-time tracking on stock, staff and customers

Integrated Scales

Integrated with your POS for easy tracking of weighed stock, easily use your meat scales and produce a label for scanning later


Handle customers ordering in advance on the phone or online and Lay-Away orders for later collection

Allergens & Safety

Keep track of key information with tracking on use-by dates and allergens, easily presented on the user-friendly interface

Weighing up the options

Many products sold at a butchers/bakery don’t conventionally scan, you need to sell items accurately and easily by weight. Our solutions integrate with a variety of scales for easy multi-site operation, staff prompts and picture driven screens for speedy transactions.

  Create Barcodes on Meat Scales that scan directly into the EPOS with Price/Weight embedded codes

  Connect Scales directly to your EPOS so weights can be read directly into the Point of Sale

  Eliminate staff errors entering weights and allow customers to see the costs before finalising the items

  Items that can’t have barcodes can easily be selected and weighed with cost per Kilo being seamlessly displayed

Keep things fresh day in, day out

The bane for any butcher or baker is the art of keeping things fresh to order. Daily food preparation, tracking produce, and handling client requirements, are all part of the everyday. Without a simple yet efficient stock control, wastage can skyrocket.

  Accurately track day by day sales to help predict requirements for future dates along with use-by dates

  Real-time stock data to help forecast predicted sales & reduce wastage

  Help ensure production meets expected demand – look at sales on previous dates that match the days weather, month and day of week

  Ensure all different cuts can be tracked effectively to track which package size sell better

  Handle customers ordering in advance on the phone or online and Lay-Away orders for later collection

Know your Customers & their Expectations

Rising to the occasion to win more customers is key to success. Engage with your customers by offering promotions that increase revenue or reduce over stocked lines using our promotional management system.

  Tie promotions into customer relations by offering promotions bespoke to individual clients

  Our Reports show sales based upon Season and Day of the week so you have insights into what products to display on any given day

  Work out who are the best / worst customers, fastest / slowest product lines

  Easily understand which products draw customers in and lines that don’t sell

Related Products

Daily Stocktake for Unbeatable Precision

Having an overview of purchases at your fingertips helps you to make the most of your produce. Make sure you have plenty of necessary products on hand, make sure you are monitoring the age of your inventory, whilst also reducing the risk of over-ordering.

Easily track suppliers, your orders with suppliers and expected delivery windows

  Balance up profits by supplier ensuring you are getting the most from each product

  Manage short deliveries, wastage and even products where supply is not up to standard

  Track product sales, profits and taxes easily

  Ensure profit margins are correct for both ingredients and combined products

Your Branding, Your Labels

Baked goods and raw meats must be accompanied by a label that matches the information on your till perfectly. Our solutions make sure labels are readily available, easily edited and changed should a new price or promotion be applied.

  Key information on products can be printed directly including allergen information and cooking/storage guidelines

  Easily produce Shelf Edge Labels

  Engage customers with details of other suggested products directly on the labels

  Manage inventory including items that are components for other products