Takeaway EPOS

Speedy EPOS For Fast-Paced Environments

Speedy Service

Optimised for quick transactions and fast operation

Easy-to-use Interface

Simple navigation and customisable menu structures

Powerful & Intuitive

Automation and real-time tracking on stock, staff and customers

Online Ordering

Powerful delivery management, Click & Collect & Table Ordering provided by MyEPOS Order

Kitchen video

A digital display system with interactive screens, making sure every check goes through on time, every time and in order

Driver management

See at a glance what orders are due for collection or delivery, which drivers are free and group orders for easy cashing up

Boost your online sales

The online ordering world has flourished in recent times and seems to be growing at a fast pace, to remain competitive it’s important to create a lasting impression online. Build your brand identity and increase revenue using our simple and powerful online ordering platform.

 We offer mobile ordering, click and collect, delivery and QR code menus

 Flat rates, no commission, no unexpected charges on top

 Built-in marketing tools including SMS and email

 Reduce competition with your own website and mobile app designed around you

 Cut costs and boost profits with intelligent sales insights

 Allow customers to order in advance, ready for when you open

 Integrate your online and physical store orders

Make life easier for your staff

Working in a takeaway is hard, you’re always on your feet, dealing with huge numbers of orders from numerous sources. We know how busy you are, that’s why our solutions are built to make everything simple and speedy.

 Interface optimised for speed with order prompts and reminders

 Easily clock in and out to avoid making mistakes and control access to confidential information

 Management can report by shift, by the hour and by the clerk. Excite staff by comparing food sales for a bit of healthy competition

 Cashing up is easy with integrated card machines confirming exactly how much cash you should have

Smooth out your service

You put your heart into your business, shouldn’t your EPOS provider do the same? We think so, that’s why our software is designed for your fast paced environment. Easily manage bulk orders, keep track of drivers, and stay on top of customer requirements.

 Full driver management to organise deliveries/collections quickly & easily

 With a Caller ID unit installed you will always know their name & what they normally order

 Postcode lookup enables you to quickly record their address and work out the delivery distance

 Ensure condiments are offered and executed correctly along with special notes & dietary requirements

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Make management a breeze

Spend less time managing the numbers and more time managing your takeaway. It only takes a few minutes to get an overview of your stock room using our back-office suite. Track suppliers, stock, staff, and promotions directly from your till.

 Easily track worst/best sellers to aid in purchasing the right levels of stock

 Track deliveries, suppliers, and wastage to maximise your profit

 Understand your VAT reports for both purchases and sales

 Create meaningful promotions that will increase footfall

Deliver a memorable takeaway

Getting customers hooked on you is what takeaway businesses depend on. Keep customers coming back for more without spending hours on promotional and marketing efforts.

 Create personalised promotions, send SMS and emails directly from your till

 Apply timed promotions to boost sales on quieter periods

 Excite customers with loyalty schemes that impress

 Offer mobile ordering to your customers to speed up service and improve upselling

 With a glance, you can view customers previous orders and provide directed marketing and promotions


Be on time, Every time

Keep the kitchen organised with orders in real-time with a digital display system. With Kitchen Video installed, every check goes through, on time and in order using an interactive screen for edits and easy viewing.

 Never lose tickets, they won’t fall off the rails get handed around or misplaced

 Your tickets will always be legible with no missing options, everything is now readable traceable and in the right order

 Let customers place their own orders on kiosks or online ensuring the customer orders what they want in their own time

 Kiosks act as an additional member of staff, improving your brand identity and overall turnover