Medical EPOS

Protect customers & staff with our concise medical solution

Speedy Service

Optimised for quick transactions and fast operation

Easy-to-use Interface

Simple navigation and customisable menu structures

Powerful & Intuitive

Automation and real-time tracking on stock, staff and customers


Booking systems ideal for medical environments with easy customisation, split bookings, and integration

Prescriptions & Customer Database

Track all details of clients easily, from product history to previous appointments, using your user-friendly customer database


Create your own website and integrate your online store with your till. Make sure all your orders come through instantly and in the right place

Well-equipped staff for high standard service

Medical staff and patients alike should be protected by well-organized and detailed processes of control. Accurate record-keeping is a legal regulation for medical professionals and having a system that is easy to use and clearly distributed is crucial.

 Manage staff hours with detailed shift control and time and attendance

 Data is synchronised in the cloud for safe storage and easy integration

 Easily handle staff appointments including split bookings

Your staff accounts will hold different levels of access depending on their responsibilities

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Streamline operations with split appointments

Appointments scheduling and getting your timings right is make or break for a medical environment. Automated patient scheduling helps manage the time between when an appointment is booked and when the patient comes in for their visit.

 Multiple appointments handled with post-treatment wait to improve time management 

 Easily track customer appointments and send reminders directly

 Access customer notes, prescriptions, and historical data

 Split bookings allow you to fill gaps between appointments and maximise efficiency

Maximum efficiency across the board

Healthcare is one of the world’s most essential sectors, it’s crucial that medical professionals log prescriptions correctly and clearly. Our back-office reporting can help reduce errors, enhance the acquisition of vital patient data, reduce needless expenditure, and improve healthcare processes exponentially.

 Seamless stock management with the ability to display shelf life

 Ensure stock levels meet requirements with minimum and preferred stock levels

 Easily handle repeat prescriptions through the customer database and historic reports

 On-demand labels to include customer information and prescription instructions

Compliant Customer Relationship Management

The responsibility of managing daily records is a huge part of the medical industry. Protecting confidentiality and managing customer records is part of the everyday. Our solutions make sure data is readily available using a searchable database with easy navigation.

 Track all details of clients easily from product history to previous appointments

Easily manage account balances attached to customer accounts

Group clients that qualify to have prescriptions free of charge

 Use your customer database to easily search and navigate your CRM

Offering more opportunities online

In the past few years, e-commerce has made tremendous headway. Customers are more likely than ever to turn to the internet to purchase products and services, and healthcare is quickly becoming a sector of the economy where e-commerce plays an important role.

 Synchronize your online shop with your till, keep your products and stock levels in line

 All orders are printed ready for delivery, and your sale has already been applied to your terminal

 Using driver management solutions you can handle staff deliveries, track what orders they are responsible for and what funds they collect

 Track card p