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We are Hikvision specialists, ensuring customers the highest quality of CCTV. Our systems are fully integrated to your mobile phones, backed up with support and an easy-to-use, reliable interface.

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DVR’s and NVR’s

Digital and Network Video Recorders for CoAx, IP and Analog Cameras

Everything EPOS CCTV Security


Wide Range of IP, POC, Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Everything EPOS CCTV Security


On-Site Surveys, Complete Installs & All Ancillary Equipment

Everything EPOS CCTV Security


Finding the right CCTV solutions for your business can be complicated with numerous Hardware Manufacturers all offering different features and capabilities along with jargon such as IP Cameras vs Analog and 4Megapixel vs 1060HD, Varifocal vs Fixed Lens.

We have a team of professional CCTV installers all capable of ensuring you pick the right equipment for your business and are able to secure the best in Remote Access and Recording quality without all the jargon.

Take The fuss out of Installation

All you need to do is press the bespoke installation button above, answer the questions shown and we are halfway there! We will then be in touch to confirm details and we can get your CCTV installed in no time.

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High Quality easy to view remotely Digital and Network Video Recorders for any business. We supply and Install HikVision equipment which is fast, reliable and simple to maintain without any complicated port forwarding

Hikvision 2MP Fixed Lens Dome DS-2CE78D0T-IT3FS 2.8mm Audio Over Coax HD-TVI CCTV Camera with Built in Mic

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If you Purchase our Takeaway software, we will create your very own mobile app for FREE and we will waver the first month’s fees

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