Integrating your PDQ will save you money

Integrating your PDQ will save you money

In this day and age, everybody is in a rush. All the time. It’s just how the world works now, everything can be done at the push of a button, and with the slow removal of us useless human beings who need time to process things. Self service will takeover eventually that’s just a given, who needs something with a brain to work on tills? Just wait until the AI’s realise they need humans for nothing, we’re doomed.

Anyway, until then you might want to speed your business up and be a little more efficient, improve your sales and margins. This can all be done with the integration of payment. Here are some ways on how integrated PDQ improves your business:



Make life Easier

We live in a world of corner cutters, if you can make any aspect of life slightly easier or quicker why not do it. Regardless of your style of business, even if you run a very low key relaxed environment where the customers are tranquil (do places like these exist, where?) these customers would like to spend as little time as possible at the point of sale. In an almost entirely cashless society, there’s no excuse for having a snail behind the wheel. Integrated payments mean the figure on your EPOS is automatically included on your payments device. This means no fiddling around for 10 seconds pushing numbers. This is done automatically which can drastically cut queues, the convenience of which reduces basket abandonment and drives revenue. BOOM, MONEY in the till.

Let’s put it this way: 10 seconds extra to push the amount, 50 transactions a day = 8 and half minutes a day. Down the drain. Say you’re open 340 days a year, that’s 2,720 minutes.



Reducing Human Error

Let’s reiterate the earlier point here, humans are quite utterly useless. Think of an occasion where you’ve been out for food, been to a shop or grabbed a coffee and the cashier has got your change wrong, or put the wrong amount into the card machine and you’ve ended up a couple of quid up. Buzzing. An honest person would let them know, but how many actually do? Not many. Anyway, integrated payment removes this risk all together. Sorry Steve, no £2 discount on your morning espresso mate.

Another thing to note is that some companies are unlucky enough to hire naughty little rascals who steal from the tills. Businesses lose on average 2% of their annual revenue to theft each year. A large portion (48%) of that being due to discounts for friends. That’s the power you present to the naughty folks with no integrated PDQ, they can type whatever price they wish. Naughty naughty.



No risk of inaccuracy in Reporting

That little thing called human error again. God humans are stupid aren’t they. Basically, as your business grows you’ll need PDQ machines you’ll need which if they’re not integrated, more time spent reconciling accounts – I don’t care who you are, this is not fun, for ANYBODY. With payments integrated into an EPOS system, such as myEPOS, you’re empowered with full visibility of all reports, on each till, across all sites taken by cash or card from the comfort of your own home. Magical right?

To summarise, there is literally no cost to get your PDQ machine integrated. It will speed up your payment process and help you cut corners. There are no negatives and only positives so get to work! Then let the machines do the work.

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