Fully tailored to your business needs, our POS software will provide everything you need, all in one place.

The Right Point of Sale Can Change The Game.

Choose your features, add as you grow, and enjoy running your business with far more ease and control.


  • Easily Manage Transactions
  • Monitor Staff & Attendance
  • Vouchers, Loyalty Schemes & Promotions
  • Full Purchase Tracking & Automated Re-ordering
  • Ingredient Level Insights & Reporting
  • Customer & course Control
  • Custom graphical floor plans
  • Loss Prevention Tools
  • Reservations & booking system
  • Caller ID & postcode Lookup
  • Reminders & Recipe Prompts

We Make Retail Exceptional.

All systems are provided pre-loaded with 30,000 product lines or data imported directly from your suppliers.

Our range of hardware is thoroughly tested in retail environments to ensure durability and longevity.

Outstanding Software

Outstanding Hardware

Outstanding Service

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Getting consumers through the door and making sure they return is what hospitality businesses depend on. Encourage repeat business and create memorable experiences with loyalty points or a promotional scheme you can be proud of.

   Improve upon your customer retention with 2 and 3-course discounts, loyalty schemes, gift vouchers, and credit facilities to encourage return visits

 Track which products your customers buy and which ones they don’t to make sure you reduce waste and have stock levels that meet demands

 Want to offer 3 for £5 on Jager between 7 pm and 9 pm on Friday? no problem. Our solutions have timed promotions covered

 Create your own personalised promotions and, send SMS and emails directly from your till

 Offer quick and accurate service from start to finish with detailed accurate receipts and integrated payment terminals


Staff must be able to gain information and an overview of service quickly and easily. Balancing bookings, noting customer requirements, and welcoming guests is part of the everyday. Our systems allow you to empower staff whilst giving management greater control.

 Say goodbye to guessing staff hours with a pad and paper, our clocking in and out system does it all for you

 Ensure staff have the right access levels so your confidential data is always kept safe

 Apply order prompts, automatic reminders, and timed promotions/set menus so staff can focus on creating a buzz

 Make use of our recipe functions to save time on drawn-out bar training and stock control

 Management can report by shift, by the hour and by the clerk. Excite staff by comparing drink sales for a bit of healthy competition

 Cashing up is easy with integrated card machines confirming exactly how much cash you should have


If you run a busy hospitality environment and don’t have digital reporting. Now is the time. You can now access inventory from anywhere using our back-office feature, a reliable control centre for all things hospitality and, a quick and easy solution to all your stock-related problems.

 Full access to sales and purchase data in real-time for any period, connect to accounting solutions & share access to accountants directly

 Collect all of your figures in one place with graphical reports and easy navigation for best / worst sellers, profit margins, use-by dates, staff spillage and, the effectiveness of promotions

 All your stock is fully tracked from supplier order to customer purchase, including waste and failed deliveries



 Our system knows how many pints are in a barrel, how many shots in a cocktail, It will even reorder low stock automatically when it hits a certain level

 Keep all your sales and purchase information to hand with a multitude of reports including popular Lines, full stock control, promotion results, table usage and staff hours

 Easily stock check specific lines on multiple sites by location with our easy-to-use handheld

Take The fuss out of Finance

Collecting all your sales figures and regularly providing X/Z readings to the tax man can be difficult. The level of reports available makes tax audits a piece of cake.

Our Cloud Back Office keeps all your data in one place and you can access reports from anywhere. You could even give your log in details to your accountants to save more time.


Successful table management can improve the guest experience in two ways: it will get your guests seated quickly and will make sure that hosts aren’t double booking customers. Make sure your service hours are seamless from your booking system to your custom floor plan.

 With a glance at your tailored floor plan, you will be able to note how many are at the table, whether they have been checked and what course they’re on