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Conventional phones are being replaced with digital phones offering better clarity, and cheaper calls at lower costs. Our selection of VoIP equipment is easy to deploy, and our SIP Service is usually lower by around 50%.

Cloud calling or (VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the new way to make and receive calls and whilst sounding complicated there is a chance you may already be using it on your mobiles under ‘WiFi Calling’.

The concept is that instead of using a physical dedicated Cable (Phone Line into your building) that calls are electronically encoded and sent over the internet instead. With VoIP, your line (or Lines) are your internet Connection so you are already paying for this somewhere and since calls can be routed over the internet directly the costs of the equipment to facilitate the call are substantially less.

Mobile Phones
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Bundle packages
Integrating your PDQ will save you money

Integrating your PDQ will save you money

In this day and age, everybody is in a rush. All the time. It’s just how the world works now, everything can be done at the push of a button, and with the slow removal of us useless human beings who need time to process things.

Frequently Asked Questions

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale but what on earth does it do? In its simplest form, EPOS takes the place of your regular till system or cash drawer. Traditional till systems typically were glorified calculators used to simply speed up service. Modern EPOS systems are designed to run your business with you using advanced tracking, intuitive features, full stock control, reporting, promotional and supplier management.

EPOS speeds up sales, tracks customers, with full stock control, waste tracking, supplier management and powerful reporting.

We can offer remote demonstrations and trial versions. By talking to one of our experts we can help you choose the right features for your business.

Good EPOS solutions range from between £500 & £2,000 depending on how advanced they need to be. Beware of recurring costs…